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Career Values Assessment™

Values are things that are most important to you - in your life and career. They are things you strongly about. For example, some people value job security, making money, structure and a regular schedule.

Others value flexibility, variety, creativity, and independence without regard for how much money they make. Being aware of your values is important. A career choice based on your values is more likely to be better than one based on other people's recommendations.

Following is a list of 88 values. Using the scale indicate how important each value is to you.

Complete all the of the value questions and then press "submit my values assessment" at the bottom of the page.




Name (Required):

If you would like this assessment sent to yourself or an employment counsellor please enter the information here:



Help and support others
Provide assistance to those who need it
Contribute to quality and service at work
Provide direct benefits to others
Focus on quality service to clients
Meet the needs of others
Have direct contact with clients
Improve the circumstances of others

Direct and organize others
Influence the direction an organization takes
Have the authority to get things done
Manage others
Be responsible for initiating projects
Have others follow my lead
Take control of situations
Set standards for others

Work without supervision
Set my own goals and schedule
Work at my own pace
Determine when I do my work
Choose what I work at
Take responsibility for getting the job done
Determine the content of my work
Have lots of independence

Solve problems in new ways
Use my imagination and creativity
Develop new things
Come up with innovative solutions
Try out new ideas
Invent something new
Develop my creative talents
Produce original products

Make a good income
Be financially secure
Be able to afford luxury items
Be paid according to my performance
Have monetary rewards
Earn a high salary
Have financial rewards for increased effort
Live in an upscale neighborhood

Learn for the sake of learning
Work where I can learn new skills
Continually develop my skills
Learn new things
Improve my skills and knowledge
Seek out learning experiences
Expand my expertise
Have the opportunity to expand my knowledge

Be admired for my expertise
Be a role model for others
Have others know I am successful
Work in an admired career
Have a prestigious occupation
Be influential
Be recognized as an expert
Work for a well-known company

Work closely with others
Have lots of social interaction
Work collaboratively with people
Maintain close relationships
Take part in activities with other people
Spend time with people
Work with cooperative and tolerant individuals
Do things with people

Have variety
Work where there are few rules and procedures
Have each day be different
Work with flexible people
Work in a place with lots of diversity
Keep my options open
Do different things each day
Work in an easy-going environment

Have stability
Avoid drastic changes in my life
Work in a secure occupation
Work towards clear and predictable outcomes
Earn a steady salary
Have material security
Have a well-defined career path
Work in an environment where there is little change

Work in a risk taking environment
Take chances to receive greater rewards
Do things that involve risk
Be self-employed
Make a business out of my ideas
Focus on profits
Be challenged
Have fast-paced work

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